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It is important to pass on a sustainable social security system to future generations, and supporting child-rearing and youth generations is a pressing issue.


A government spokesperson. The Japanese government plans to revise the country's child care leave system as part of social security system reform, as well as to expand the coverage of the kosei nenkin public pension program.

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Thanks for telling us what we all know,Jiji Press!

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blah blah blah.

Just empty words from a useless gov. Been here before. Heard it all before. The LDP are MASTERS when it comes to pledges. As to concrete action... different story.

I'll believe it when I start seeing results.

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ok and so what?

just empty words as usual...

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Inaka towns are dying fast, young people are moving to big cities to live in apartments too small for even a couple, let alone a small family, all for a salary that is no higher than what I made as a teenager working at Micky Ds in Australia. If these old Boomers have finished funneling every yen they can into their pockets and ruining the country she should gtfo and let the healing begin.

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Hilarious. Sustainable? Bet his pension is locked in.

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This word ‘sustainable’ gets thrown around a lot of lates here in Japan. Very in vogue. Would love for one of these govt spokesperson to have a go at explaining exactly what it means though. What are they sustaining? Seems a lot like buzzwords and rhetoric to me. What are the plans man?

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Children are going to be your 'pension' since you can't rely on the government

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