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It is very rare for an epilepsy patient to have a seizure while driving if they are receiving proper medication and treatment. I hope people do not get the false impression that epilepsy patients will


Kuniaki Iyoda, a medical specialist at the Japan Epilepsy Society (JES) and the chief of pediatrics at Hiroshima City Hospital. (Mainichi Daily News)

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Er, no, nobody is saying epilepsy patients always cause accidents. But if this doctor is being honest he would know that certain forms of epilepsy are very difficult to control and predict even with drugs.

Worried that no one will come forward for treatment for fear of stigmatisation and his department revenue will drop much?

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The percentage is very low but there is still a chance they might have a fit and kill while driving therefore the risk is too great. Not all drunk drivers kill either but that is illegal because it can be too dangerous, why not outlaw epeliptics from driving for the safety of others.

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