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It was also a decision that we all made together. We feel like we can control the athletes and our safety better in a hotel setting.


Cecile Landi, who coaches American gymnast Simone Biles, the winner of four 2016 Olympic gold medals. The U.S. women's gymnastics team are not staying at the Olympic Village in Tokyo's Harumi waterfront district and have moved to a nearby hotel instead.


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Is this even abiding by Olympic rules?

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Is this even abiding by Olympic rules?

yeah, it seems a bit strange they are allowed to do this, considering all the strict protocols they are enforcing at the Olympics village. Basically, if you don't like all the restrictions, just book yourself into a hotel instead - as I said, it's a bit strange.

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Maybe only an option for the US, who can usually do what they want. But a bad idea.

Hotels are serviced by locals. That's how most of the Aussie outbreaks started.

They should have rented an apartment block.

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Hysterical paranoia

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In my opinion this should be an article which stands alone and occupies a prominent spot here.

They have left the village and have broken their supposed quarantine which we are told is designed to protect the athletes and such rules ensure zero risk toward Japanese citizens and residents.

These athletes appear to believe the village is not safe so they relocated. On the other hand, Bach, from his 3,000,000 Yen suite ensures us how safe it is. It is now obvious the whole thing is a lie anyway as athletes are obviously not really required to stay in the village.

This presents another sleepless night for Bach:

If he does nothing he is de facto admitting there is no real quarantine or the village is not safe.

If the athletes are allowed to participate then it is an admission to the world this is all one big lie.

How about it Bach? You going to let them participate even though they are not following the rules which for months you have been telling us will protect the athletes and the public.

The U.S. has exceptional athletes on this team and I believe NBC is counting on lots of viewers in the U.S. therefore my bet is they will be allowed to break the rules. It’s all about the the cash and sacrifices must be made for the quarterly earnings report.

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seems this wouldnt be allowed.

do they have their own gaijin only elevator to separate them from "normal" people?

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Is this allowed in the play book ?

So one can simply leave the village and do what ever one wants ?

Yeah we thought so !

The 5 ringed circus is a joke run by clowns.

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