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It would impossible, given the current international political situation to abolish nuclear weapons.


Osaka Mayor Toru Hashimoto (Japan Times)

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Abolishing all nuclear weapons holds great appeal, but removing all nuclear weapons proves impossible. No matter what the world leaders agree to, they are helpless to enforce their agreement with the rest of the world. However nuclear weapons do serve a purpose of ensuing that the threat of mutually assured destruction keeps the various leaders around the world from launching their own nuclear weapons. Hence a better line of thought would be improving technology to defend against nuclear weapons.

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True. Those who have them will never give them up and still quite a few who don't but want to get them.

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So is someone in a position of power going to admit that Japan has nukes? About time.

For a guy wanting to be PM, he's going to have a hard time selling this in Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

Interesting Hashi, I thought you were against nuclear power... Oh wait, for it? Against it? What's the answer this week? This guy flips and flops on everything.

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The few who have them don't want to give them up out of fear that the ones who won't give them up will use them without fear of reprisal. The eternal cliff of Mutually Assured Destruction is basically where humanity is now perched, and I can honestly say, given human history, that there's no realistic way to back away from that edge. Far too many unstable people and regimes out there.

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The problem with Mutually Assured Destruction, is that it only works on enemies that make their decisions based on logic.

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About all that can be done is to reduce stockpiles. Nuclear weapons are the perfect example of a "Pandora's Box" that, once opened, can never be truly closed again.

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MAD (mutually assured destruction) is there to prevent WAR (we are right)!!!!

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