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The salmon is cooked rare to make it rather unpalatable ... However, if they do eat it all up, without leaving a scrap, it tells us they have a spirit of fortitude.


Katsushige Nakamura, president of Mitaka Kohki Co, Ltd, on one of the ways that the precision-instruments maker evaluates university graduates when they apply for entry-level jobs. (Shukan Post)

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Good luck finding fortitude in any new employee.

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What's cooked rare? Steak? Assuming it's a steak or something which should be thoroughly cooked, if the applicant insists on having it cooked thoroughly before eating it, that should tell Mr. Nakamura that the applicant has a spirit of common sense.

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I just don't know how to respond to this - that's a classic of Japanese management techniques.

One would imagine anyone with dietary requirements would have a hard time getting a job there, and I suppose those who go down with food poisoning are weeded out too for being too weak.

In the west it would be the people who refused to eat and complained who would get hired, I would bet.

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spirit of fortitude? or lack of knowledge about food-borne diseases and a spirit of 'he told me to do it' which every employer is looking for: dumb and loyal.

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I predict great things for this company.

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