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It's moving to watch down-to-earth young girls who can't sing or dance gradually improve over time by diligently rehearsing. There's nothing like that overseas.


Yasushi Akimoto, general producer of popular girl group AKB48. He plans to export his techniques for talent cultivation as a prepackaged format. (Asahi Shimbun)

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Ignoring the fact that it's more intensive in Korea, and from a far younger age, from what I've seen AKB48 still can't sing or dance. Or is he just hopeful that they'll improve by the time they're 40?

A grotesque form of pseudo-entertainment, loved only by the talentless and tasteless. That's a description of his format, not any particular person.

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There is more comedy in this one quote than I've seen in an entire morning's worth of news.

For someone to admit that their prize flavor-of-the-moment group can neither sing nor dance, while further gushing about hopes to see a cookie-cutter version of this specific brand of corporate mediocrity-farming flourish is simply astounding. He's essentially celebrated everything the entertainment industry is reviled for.

Well done, Mr. Akimoto! Let "Average" rule the day!!

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Mr. Akimoto gets the last laugh

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"Mr. Akimoto gets the last laugh"

Heh! Indeed he does. All the way to the bank.

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