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It’s not necessary to leave one side open. There are some people who have an arm or a hand that is incapable of functioning and have difficultly keeping a specific side open.


A spokesman for the the Japan Elevator Association, which is calling for people not to walk on escalators and not to leave one side open, so as to prevent accidents. (Yomiuri Shimbun)

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I always thought it a bit crazy to have to huddle to one side while the 'rushers' avoid the 'crush' for a few simple seconds of advantage. Strikes me as a bit crude, rude and impatient. And I've always thought of the Japanese as rather patient. Perhaps a misconception on my part.

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Because heaven forbid people get some movement into an already sedentary lifestyle!

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This is exactly what a few (very few) of us were saying in the comments to a recent article about this. It's not coddling, or hysterically making an issue out of nothing. People shouldn't be walking/rushing up and down escalators. That's not what they're for.

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Why is a bloke from the Japanese elevator Association talking about escalators. He should stick to what he knows. and is he genuinely saying that walking on escalators should be banned because some people are disabled? Personally I prefer to walk on an escalator where I can, especially down the stairs. its not necessarily rushing or to gain a few seconds - just standing there like an animal in an abbatoir is not my preference. Especially so on travelators at airports and so on.

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There are some people who have an arm or a hand that is incapable of functioning and have difficultly keeping a specific side open.

Yes but not very many eh. It's certainly not something you see every day, or week for that matter.

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This is very timely for me. A few days ago, I gashed my knee open when running up an escalator to catch a train. the funny thing is, the next train was only three or four minutes later! I really do think that there should be strict rules about running on escalators. People who are in that much of a rush should take the stairs.

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Damned irresponsible. The Japan Elevator Association should advocate helmets, kneepads and elbow pads!!!

Thrill seekers should have etiquette insurance for gashed knees, impatience, and (heaven forbid) spontaneity.

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I always thought escalators and travelators were for speeding up foot traffic. Most escalators in Japan move slower than a normal walking pace making using them incredibly slow for my liking. Walking up and down an escalator at a normal pace shouldn't be an issue.

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