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It's really regrettable that we were unable to save him, and we're sorry.


A representative of the Shizuoka city fire department, after a climber who was being lifted by a rescue helicopter near the summit of Mount Fuji on Dec 1, dropped when his harness came loose. He dropped to the ground and was later confirmed dead. (Mainichi Shimbun)

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Yes it is, he would have died anyways...silly folks with their strange hobbies.

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Mod: spelling error / typo alert in last sentence.

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Never depend on government officials for your safety. Too big a risk.

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Shouldn't this read "It is regrettable that we killed him, and we're sorry"????":

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Sounds inexcusable, heads should roll,

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Damn, another reason not to bother climbing Fuji-san!! Yeow!

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It is debatable whether or not the drop caused the victim to succumb of his injuries, if the distance as reported (3 metres) is accurate. More troubling is the fact that the climbers were left to fend for themselves overnight, until the arrival of the fire department helicopter on Sunday morning.

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If you're going to take risks you have to accept the consequences. Climbing is risky. Getting winched into a helicopter after you've been injured is even more risky. These things don't always have a happy outcome. They did their best.

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