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Japan’s version of a 'cash for clunkers' program intended to spur auto sales discriminates against imported vehicles.


Statement from Ford Motor Co, General Motors Co and Chrysler Group LLC. Japan's 7.2 trillion yen economic stimulus package includes an extension of a program giving consumers incentives to buy fuel-efficient cars. No U.S. vehicles are eligible for the tax incentive offered under the plan, while 87% of Japanese-made vehicles qualify. (Bloomberg)

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It's too early in the morning for my brain to work.

I thought the American cash for clunkers thing excluded Japanese cars.

That's what I saw in headlines anyway.

Must have been dreaming.

After all, it wouldn't be logical to suspect an American company of claiming the Japanese have unfair practices while making use of equally unfair American practices would it.

Only 87% of Japanese vehicles qualify? That's not very high. Maybe they're the bigger, fuel-guzzling type based on the American dream car?

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in the US the top five cars were in order: Ford Focus, Toyota Corolla, Honda Civic, Toyota Prius and Toyota Camry....

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No U.S. vehicles are eligible for the tax incentive offered under the plan, while 87% of Japanese-made vehicles qualify.

That's because Japan wants to promote their own economy. They are not the tool of the US.

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They are not the tool of the US.

The main market for Japanese car makers is the US. Their 'cash for clunkers' program provided Toyota and Co. the much needed rise in sales during the financial crisis. To indirectly exclude the American manufacturers (as well as the Germans) from the Japanese scheme is obviously not in line with the idea of free trade.

But then again, Japan was never interested in fair trade as long as they had been able to push their products onto the international market and protect their domestic. 日本は鎖国ですね。

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It's not really 'cash-for-clunkers' though, is it? You don't collect the money for handing in your old car in Japan.

You get a rebate off buying a new one, and in Japan that probbably means buying a new Japanese car. I can see why they might be aggrieved if people get no rebate on buying a European car.

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PS Above post very slightly tongue-in-cheek... ;8)

(oh, and probably should probably have had one 'b'.)

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well, it also discrimates against good cars. i looked into purchasing a new G37 Coupe, but backed away after seeing how much taxes i have to dish out.

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Payback for the witchhunt that is going on with the US and Toyota??

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Doesn't that say something about US cars then?

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The U.S. cash for clunkers program benefitted Japan tremedously. It's not secret Japaense cars are better than American cars. However, the U.S. auto makers are coming back with a vengence. Don't be surprised to see more American cars overseas as soon as the U.S. Congress pulls their heads out and ratifies the international trade agreemeents that have been stymied.

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