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Japan’s environment ministry has set aside about $18.6 million (¥2 billion) in its fiscal 2019 budget for a public-private consortium that will develop proposals and bid on waste management deals in Southeast Asian nations, most of which face serious pollution challenges. The goal is to win contracts for Japanese companies and some goodwill.


Nikkei Asian Review. The worldwide market for trash-incinerating power plants that reduce pollution will be worth $80 billion by 2022, according to some financial analysts’ estimates. Japan, which has cultivated just this rubbish acumen, is hoping to cash in on the refuse boom.

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How about Japan just fund the feasibility studies and then encourage the countries to offer their own public tenders for the projects' construction and management. Then the countries themselves chose the best bidders, based on price and ability -- and not nationality or vested interests.

Japan's approach to such development is largely self-serving and encourages opaque practices including in countries where corruption is a problem.

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This quote reminds me of the most awesome people I taught english to at NOVA in Ginza. They were some of the smartest, most humble and intelligent people I have ever met. I hope you guys are well !

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