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Japan's conformist culture makes it difficult for some people to live freely, and they put great pressure on themselves. When they blame themselves, they turn to suicide. When they blame others, they turn to indiscriminate crimes.


Hideto Ted Osanai, chief executive at the International Bodyguard Association in Japan, commenting on the assassination of former Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, which has shocked Japan.

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He's right

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This is stupid. Every culture does the same thing. Not just the Japanese.

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Somewhat of a sweeping generalization. The Japanese people are not a monolith. If you bother to look closely enough you will see the culture is often not as conformist as it is made out to be.

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I don't want to play amateur psychologist or detective, but the perp said his mother had been fleeced by the Unification Church. This is a believable story, not least because it has happened to other families in the past.

Even if true, this in no way justifies the murder of Shinzo Abe. However, the presence of a motive stops it being an "indiscriminant crime". Resentment toward a cult who has snared a close family member is also very different to what could be called the day-to-day pressures of "conformist society". If the story is true, it is an alternative to "conformist society", the Unification Church, which sowed the seed for this crime. I do not know what links if any Abe had with the church, but it was how he was perceived by the perp.

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If they are told they do, no questions no critical thinking.

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If everything was like this the world would be a living hell by now but not all people who blame themselves turn to suicide and those who blame others to indiscriminate crimes.!!!

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