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Japan has shown what can be done, quickly, to overcome an energy crisis. It’s a good lesson for the United States, with its fragile electric grid, huge power needs and raging fossil-fuel addiction.


New York Times editorial, saying that Japan's energy-saving policy of "setsuden" during the summer worked.

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yeah, well, maybe you weren`t here with the "air-conditioning" set at 29 or 30.

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Quote of the Day by WHO??

It's not an energy crisis. It's a nuclear crisis. Stop the brainwashing.

You want a lesson. Here's one. Don't build nuclear facilities on faultlines. Another good idea is not to put them on the coast unprotected where Tsunamis can hit.

Another lesson. Train your people what to do when an emergency goes down instead of waiting for the boss to call. He's out eating no-pan shabu shabu with the execs.

This quote of the day is much like a Troll thread with no author to boot..

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That is a ridiculous quote. The US grid has all the same cycles, not like this country split in half. It is also shared with Canada and Mexico. Electric can be re-routed easily. So who ever faked this quote should take a hike.

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I guess the regular brownouts in California and the recent major power outage are also faked.

Fact is the USA has neglected its power-grid for decades now, not adding any new power-plants to it and so on. But energy usage has been climbing globally for the last 30yrs at a high rate.

I would say the above quote is spot-on which is also reflected by articles in the news, etc.

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setsuden works in japan cause the society is geared for it. can't say the same for the states.

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Setsuden would NEVER work in the states. People don't even cut back on their driving when the cost of gasoline quadruples.


It's not an energy crisis. It's a nuclear crisis.

No, it's an energy crisis. The quotation is referring to electricity consumption decreases brought on by the lack of production capacity after the nuclear plant shutdowns. Americans will only decrease their oil consumption if forced to by law a la the "odds and evens" in the 70s. Japanese companies were forced to cut their consumption this summer but people pitched in and did their part as well.

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The Japanese people and companies responded very well to the power crisis during the summer and will probably be needed again during the winter. A further 11 nuke reactors are scheduled for maintenance shutdown by year's end. But the AC could have been set at 24-25 degs.

Americans consume energy at 4.5 times anyother country. But there are times when it deals with power outage which happens in California. The power grid system in America is more efficient than one here. It also has 100+ working reactors.

If this country had a unified national power grid with one electrical system then there would have been no need for 'setsuden'!

The main reason for the 'setsuden' was less to do with shutting down reactors following 3/11 and more to do with the fact that the 10 power generating companies also supply power to an agreed area and have sole monopoly over both supply and prices. TEPCO intends to increase power charges by 15% over the next 3 years.

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The summer was relatively mild, which made setsuden work here. If it was a scorcher, I am sure there would have been blackouts.

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The U.S. liberal left media love finding anything in any other country that they can use to point out why America sucks.

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The U.S. liberal left media ....


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