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Japan invests an increasing amount of funds in nuclear power plants, going against global trends.


Fumiya Kokubu, chairman of major trading house Marubeni Corp, citing efforts by European nations to promote the use of renewable energy. He is one of several business leaders questioning the future of the nuclear power industry in Japan.

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Which is why Japan will fail... again. China is investing billions in alternative energy, and we'll all be buying off them before long. Meanwhile, another big quake will at some point take out another plant here, and the politicians will all ask why?

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The Chinese are building something in the region of 75 new reactors nationwide. Is China too going ‘against global trends’?

There is so much confusion globally and so many answers, that I wonder if we can even use the phrase ‘global trends’ any more. The Chairman of Marubeni pushing for more renewables has to be a good thing though, surely.

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I have always been pro nuclear. One learns from one's mistakes. Do not put your backup generators in the basement in a tsunami flood zone.

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Good! But put the money into making them even safer. Nuclear energy is key to divesting our dependency on fossil fuels.

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Wow, look at you bold Japanese leaders forging your own path against global trends. Pats on the back for all your hard work.

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