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Japan is the leading country in creating mascots and characters, and has lots of talented professionals. We have to consider how we get them on board as well as the general public, and make the mascot


Yoshiko Ikoma, a fashion journalist and vice chairwoman of 14-member panel tasked with creating mascots for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. The panel is placing a priority on winning public approval as well as achieving artistic quality as it seeks to clarify eligibility criteria and find ways to get the public involved in the process. (Kyodo)

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Yes, the whole world is waiting for those "cutting edge" mascots that show the unique sensibility of advanced Japan.

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Oh for god's sake!

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If getting kids to love mascots (and do we really need any more?) is the thrust of their strategy then 2020 is going to be pretty lame.

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Or, Japan would grow up and realize that for much of the world mascots are a kid's thing and adults obsessed with them are often seen as immature and rather questionable.

Art and architecture in this country are on the cutting edge and people overseas have high expectations that Japan can spread its culture. I can't be the only one who laughed out loud at this one, right?

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When a Japanese friend asks if you have as many mascots in your country and you’re just like, “Ugh. No. No we don’t. Next question.”

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I think I would agree that:

Some art and architecture in Japan is cutting edge. Most architecture in Japan is bland, boring, and functional. Alot of architecture is utilitarian. I don't know how art can be cutting-edge, though. Maybe she meant Unique?

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Wow. Childish mascots and comic book characters. What an achievement.

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Those Mascots and Characters sell well as do those from Disney, Marvel, DC Comics, etc. :p

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people overseas have high expectations that Japan can spread its culture.*

WT....How do they come up with gems like this?

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"....architecture in this country are on the cutting edge."

I'm reminded of that every time I take a train ride through the suburbs of Saitama, Nagoya or Osaka.

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people overseas have high expectations that Japan can spread its culture

Yes, we, the people of overseas, are longing to be edified. Please, Japan, spread your culture to me and all the other benighted, though we are not worthy. Sadly, we will never really be able to understand it properly. And it must pain you so to feel the burden of your mission.

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Mascots throughout Japan generally leave me feeling empty if not repulsed. Don't they all look basically the same?

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"make the mascots loved" -- this is something no one can do.

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