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Japan needs more energy and good news, bright news, happy news, and therefore by hosting the Olympics in Tokyo, the sufferers in the Tohoku region will get hope for the future.


Tokyo's 2020 Olympic bid president Tsunekazu Takeda (Reuters)

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Tohoku has NOTHING to do with the bid. They're piggybacking on the tragedy and it is sick and twisted. Tokyo folks don't want to waste the tax money. Ishihara's pipe-dream. I hope the racist git doesn't get the games. He doesn't deserve them with all the racist and bigoted comments he's made.

If Japan wants to be happy, work less, spend more time with family and friends and try enjoying the life you have, not buying into some commercial event.

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This quote doesn't make any sense.

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Why host them in crowded & overbuilt Tokyo? You want to give the folks in Tohoku good news - host the Olympics in Tohoku. That would be a great way to rebuild the area. Won't happen but seems almost obvious.

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Montreal 1976 didn't spell any hope for the future, it spelled doom. Afterward, Montreal went from Canada's No. 1 city to No. 2. The country nearly fell apart, and Quebec taxpayers were burdened with obscene costs for a generation to come.

This idea that the Olympics stirs hope and growth is pure malarky.

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The statement is not only opportunistic it is downright stupid. The only good thing people in Tohoku will feel is that they do not have to pay the Olympic's bill. Other than that, it would be a sore rather than a pleasure. Imagine being stuck in a temporary shelter while everyone in Tokyo is having fun at the Olympics.

The first priority for Japan is to help the people of Tohoku and clean up the mess left by the earthquake, the tsunami and TEPCO.

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good news, bright news, happy news,

wonderful news, shining news, super news, cheerful news...

This quote strikes me as one of someone who is too desperate.

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