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Japan should stop interfering in China's internal affairs.


China's foreign ministry spokesman Wang Wenbin, responding to media reports that Japan and Taiwan's ruling parties will hold security talks on Friday.

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Which is why China is buzzing Taiwan's airspace with bombers and fighters because it's a part of China... riiight

USA sent more missles to Taiwan as well so go home China, you're drunk

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Always the same tired line. Japan cant even run its own internal affairs properly

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A typical response within the ruling circles and propaganda in countries like Russia and China. Any legitimate or unjustified criticism? Their answer is "don't interfere in our internal affairs".

And if you argue that they're doing the same thing, their response is the old "and you're beating up black people in America" argumentative foul.

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maybe Japan should say the same to China... there were reports of China backing Okinawa for independence... they are constantly entering into japan territorial waters and okinawa airspace... maybe after Taiwan, they want Okinawa next...

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China is not only looking at taking Okinawa, but there are also been a lot of chatter on China social media about taking Hokkaido.

You can bet after they take those 2, they will come after rest of Japan.

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If they think that Japan is interfering in China's internal affairs, what do the call the US presence in Afghanistan?

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Taiwan is NOT China, never has been and never will be. Keep your sticky fingers off Taiwan!!!

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We stand with you Taiwan, always and forever against the CCP!!!

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China, stop telling people outside your country how to behave.

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It's a shame we hear so little from the monolithic peace-making United Nations organisation - are they asleep on the job, too many expensive business lunches and dinners possibly......

They should be closely monitoring the 11 separate international disputes eith

5 ( +6 / -1 )

They should be closely monitoring the 11 separate international disputes with which China is involved as the provocateur-in-chief, and step in to curtail all of the bullying and expansionist activities which China executes with impunity. The rest of the democratic and civilised world is watching and waiting for the U.N. to act and to act decisively.

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Memo #1 to China: Taiwan is not part of China. Memo #2 to China: get used to it. Most of the world hates your government.

7 ( +8 / -1 )

Standard CCP disinformation and distraction tactic. The reality they try to camouflage is that China under the CCP has become an overweening bully.

Martimurano, if you are expecting so much as a squeak out of the UN in respect of any acts of the Chinese government you will have a long wait!

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Good for Japan. Every nation should help Taiwan in the face of aggresion from the CCP dictatorship.

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China violated the agreement on the handover of Hong Kong, as expected. Treaties, agreements and promises are meaningless to China.

The claims of ocean territorial waters is similar to attacks on other Asian countries.

If there was ever a place to draw a line against China, Taiwan should be that place. It won't happen. No country or group of countries will have the fortitude to use force to stop the coming invasion of Taiwan.

China will invade Taiwan. That is a certain. The rest of the world will say, "Too bad, we're sorry," to the Taiwanese people, but that's it. Just like Hong Kong.

The Chinese learned from Hong Kong that no nation or nations have the courage to stand up to them.

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Englisc Aspyrgend: I think you're probably right, the U.N. daren't bark at China, let alone try and curtail their activities.

Maybe it's time for a big change, there's a very large gap here for an enterprising alternative to step in and fill the void - a non-political altruistic opportunity for someone with very deep pockets and equally vast resources of drive and charisma, let's see if we get any suggestions.......please

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Peter Neil:

I hear and agree with all that you say: the biggest mystery is why our world's leaders are not hammering away via their Ambassadors on the doors of the U.N. to stir them into action - after all, this is exactly what they're supposed to be doing. And if they've resigned from these duties, the world's leaders should be told, in order to organise an alternative, as suggested I'm my previous post just now.....

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Is it time for an international "Friends of Taiwan" group of nations?

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Wang Wenbin is an obnoxious MUPPET who is trying to rise up in the CCP by constantly using more and more inflammatory rhetoric. He should be sidelined by the international community and designated as persona non grata in Japan, OZ, NZ, and the NATO countries.

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China should be informed by a coalition of signed on nations that any military force used against Taiwan will activate a complete cessation of all trade with China from the undersigned countries until such time as Taiwan is freed completely. Make sure the suppliers of raw materials and energy are at the top of the list.

If the Chinese economy collapse's it loses power both overseas and at home.

No bloodshed but plenty of problems that will grow internally for the CCP.

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