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Japan wants to be seen as a humanitarian giant. To do so, it must look at how it treats people inside as well as outside of the country.


Hiroaka Ishii, the acting head of the Japan Association for Refugees. Many people claiming asylum in Japan are denied government financial aid and also banned from getting a job while the screening process is dragged out. (BBC)

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Is this a joke? I really do like Japan, and during an emergency the authorities do make a pretty good effort. But a humanitarian giant? Bahahahahahahaha! More refugees legally enter, and are granted asylum, in China than here. China for crying out loud! How many did Japan accept last year? What was it, 8? And don't even get me started on the domestic front. This place wants to be a bastion for humanitarian cases? Gimme a break.

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to hell with that! i think it should be up to Japanese tax payer. Do they want to be humanitarian giants?

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The Japanese taxpayer wants to be whatever they are told they want to be...

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