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Japanese scientists grew up watching robot cartoons, so they all want to make two-legged companions. But are they realistic? Do consumers really want home-helper robots?


Kenji Hara, an analyst at the research and marketing firm Seed Planning. He says many of Japan’s robotics projects tend to be too far-fetched, concentrating on humanoids and other leaps of the imagination that cannot be readily brought to market. (New York Times)

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nail on head. i can't help thinking that the robot obsession says something about human relations in japan...

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humanoids and other leaps of the imagination that cannot be readily brought to market

Cannot be brought to a western market but easily brought to a Japanese one. It says a HELL of a LOT about relationships in Japan.

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The biggest robotic project in Japan is the education system.

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Saw an ad the other day with that life-like female robot. So gross it made me feel sick, the way the fake-skin moves over the robotic skull as it spoke. That's why scientists don't normally bother making realistic robots. R2D2 is a lot more acceptable.

As for doing the housework for me, sure I wouldn't mind a few smallish robots with pre-programmed capabilities for work, but I do not want something that can think. Creepy, and potentially dangerous. (Yes, I've seen too many stupid movies.) But anything with true intelligence can make up it's own mind to do something. No thanks.

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Do consumers really want home-helper robots?

No, they want sex robots.


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