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Laying power lines underground is one of the important challenges for cities. The central government should extend more financial and other support while encouraging business operators to devise better construction methods that can reduce the cost.


Hiroto Kotake, a professor at Gunma University and a scholar of public policy. Efforts by many cities in Japan to move power lines underground have stalled due to financial problems.

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It really would be nice to have those things underground instead of constantly overhead wherever you go.

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Isn't the reason for overhead wires to make it easier to fix in a natural disaster? For example there were many water pipes overflowing during the previous Tokyo earthquake.

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Don’t see the problem, the technology already exists as UK and most of Europe have laid and re-laid power cables from the beginning. The same concerns of cost/disruption are faced whenever the cabling needs upgrading.

Ubesh, I can see that might be a consideration but as they are already starting the programme one presumes that has been allowed for?

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They’ve probably stalled because the cement pole companies have been lobbying to encase underground power lines in giant cement conduits.

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