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Listening only when experts say something convenient for her and ignoring them at other times raises questions about her perspectives as a leader.


A senior Tokyo metropolitan government official, criticizing Tokyo Gov Yuriko Koike over her adamant denials that the Olympics were linked to the explosion of new COVID-19 cases in the capital.

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This listening-only-when-convenient isn't unique to only Koike.

It's a characteristic of nearly every politician on earth.

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How dare, how dare an expert say something that is uncomfortable!, she has a vision a goal. It's these experts and their scientific training that derail her potential greatness. A great leader has to walk across the corpses of the underlinings to obtain percived greatness. She is not there for the betterment of those below her. Did science teach these experts nothing.

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The rise in cases in Tokyo is what you would expect to get as soon as Delta arrives in a large city, with or without the Olympics. Delta is quick.

Globally, politicians are having to interpret mixed messages from different scientists, many of whose suggestions would work in a lab, but not so well in a large city. They have to balance that with their capacity to support anyone denied the ability to earn a living to pay their bills and buy food. It is not easy creating an effective, fair and reliable universal welfare system for individuals and businesses at the drop of a hat, which is what lockdowns require. And things change from week to week. Governments were not built for speed.

From what I've read on here, Tokyoites are not rushing to voluntarily lock themselves down. You can restrict your behaviour more than the government suggest if you want, eating at home and not socialising. Government mandates are minimum restrictions. Feel free to be safer than that. We should all take responsibility for our own health.

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This isn't just Koike, I'm afraid, but politicians in general, and ESPECIALLY J-politicians. Koike isn't even trying to hide the fact that she's not interested in governing properly anymore and only interested in securing a legacy with a successful Olympics.

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Aaand, he is going down. How dare he even criticize her! Here it's the experts who know nothing, our leaders know the most! She's delusional. Her behaviour and actions are very erratic and if someone is in opposition to her, she always reacts in an irritable and hysterical manner. Remember the controversy in 2019 about moving the marathon from Tokyo to Sapporo because of the heat and what an escapade she launched around it.

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It is a fact that the Olympics was a super spreader event, scientist predicted exactly what would happen and it did occur. Delta was in the country before the Olympics, but lambda was not. That was brought in during the Olympics. Simply a Gold Metal Disaster for the country. And still the leadership is betting against the people and now young kids in favor of the virus.

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I was told the japanese are masters at blocking out everything that is めんどくさい

crying children, traffic noise , inconvenient questions

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Confirmation bias I guess, and there’s not a person in the world not susceptible to it. Takes some real skills to view things in full context.

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