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Local governments and medical associations should create a role-sharing system between hospitals in the region, with private hospitals supporting public hospitals that take care of coronavirus patients on the front line.


Toshiki Mano, a medical doctor and professor at Chuo University. The coronavirus pandemic has at times brought Japan's medical system to the brink of collapse despite being hit by far fewer cases than the United States and some European countries. Experts like Mano say more should have been done to fix structural issues that were exposed before the third wave of infections arrived.


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The "structural issue" is private ownership. Just nationalize more hospitals, maybe around half, and problem solved.

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It's not really an issue. It works like that in many European countries during these difficult times. The government asks the private hospital if they can and will accept patients and give them some sort of compensation if necessary.

But in here, such thing is nearly impossible. 出来ない is the word. Because it's not the standard, out of the comfort zone. Not even talking about non-existing medical/patient information system sharing. Even on Prefectural level, every Prefecture is using own IT systems, databases. Hospitals too.

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Well this is a country with 2 separate electrical grids. Gov't agencies still using Windows XP and fax machines. So good luck with that.

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