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Many people still think that politics is for men, and direct their discriminatory sentiments against female lawmakers.


Sophia University professor and political science expert Mari Miura. Many female local assembly members say that male voters have sexually harassed them online as well as heckling when they give speeches and by being asked personal questions.

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Jurassic Park

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more proof of japan's backwardness

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Abe - "A society where all women can shine".

Reality - "A society where women can shine their complexions and kitchen utensils"

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That UN report about gender equality where Japan is 80th or 110th or whatever looks at health, education, business, and politics. Japan scores highly on the first two but very poorly on business and politics.

Just over half of the electorate is female, so Japanese women themselves deserve some of the blame. That said, the relish with which female politicians are attacked, like the LDP woman accused of corruption for simply handing out fans with her face on to supporters or Yamao when she was found to be having an affair, is very noticable. They are held to a higher standard than men. Again, I'm sure some of these exaggerated attacks are from other women.

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Last night one of the news programs (Houdou Station or News Zero, can’t remember which) featured a village that has never had a female on its local council. And mayor, vice mayor, and all senior buereucrats were all male.

They showed a map of Japan that was blue for areas that had local assemblies with more than 20% female members and red for those that have less. Only Tokyo and neighboring Kanagawa were blue.

In my city, we have two women on the local council (total about 30 members). They have both won election after election for a few decades now but the few other women that have stood have lost. I sometimes wonder wonder what will happen when the current two become unable to serve due to illness etc.

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Politics is for all people.

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