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Many people won’t want such an unhealthy family to become emperor and empress. If Aiko’s problems continue, this will only put more pressure on the crown prince.


Akira Hashimoto, a former schoolmate of Emperor Akihito who has written several books about the imperial family, referring to the plight of Princess Aiko who has been refusing to go to school because she was frightened by some rowdy behavior. (New York Times)

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They say she was frightened by some rowdy behavior. But knowing what children can be like I wonder whether it wasn't much worse than that.

If you think children are automatically respectful of people like her, you only need to check out what happened to prince Charles. Sometimes being told to call your classmate sama instead of chan is enough to cause hostility, and having all those miserable cameras pointing at the poor kid just makes the difference more obvious. I bet some of her classmates hate her guts, in the jealous, she's got more stuff/attention than me sort of way. They probably do really nasty things to her when no-one can see. Kids are like that. Her mother's infamous problems won't help her either. Kids are cruel.

The question is, is it really a good thing to force a child to suffer torment just because he or she is in the royal family? And moving her to a girls' school wouldn't help. Girls are just as bad but in a different way to boys.

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What does he mean 'put more pressure on the crown prince'? To do what? Get a concubine? Dump his family? Seems like Mr. Hashimoto should shut his trap.

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He is right though--if he is such a leader, then his children should have the same charm, leadership abilities to have all of those other playmates follow like lapdogs. But no, she is truly put out that people act like people and not robots. These people are insane! No sympathy from me. He is right; if these people are so dysfunctional, much like the British Royal family, then they should step aside. I mean, really, all they have to do is be normal, and they get to live in a nice mansion, free food, free everything, and they have trouble doing even that!

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