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Maybe what Japan needs right now is a dictator, a dictator with good intentions. If you spend your time discussing issues, then for example the abductions issue will remain unsolved. Certain things ca


Mino Monta, the world's busiest live TV presenter, speculating on what sort of leadership Japan needs, though he adds he wouldn't like to become a politician. (Japan Times)

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Great idea, Regis Philbin of Japan. I'd much rather have some abducted people back than have millions be safer from a nuclear attack. By the way, any progress on the people Japan has abducted/ enslaved/ disenfranchised/ massacred?

I am no Japan-basher, but I think you have to either be for forgetting (or at least forgiving) everything you and your enemies have done, or remembering and prosecuting everything your enemies and you have done, or you come across as a hypocritical country (and of course all nation states do).

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Just like Iraq or North Korea. Yeah great idea!

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If you can't beat North Korea, join 'em!

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"a dictator with good intentions" All dictators have good intentions for themselves. What may be good for you might not be good for me or the majority. Also, once you've solved these certian issues, how do you get rid of the dictator?

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Mino Monta, the world’s busiest live TV presenter

The busiest! Great credentials too!

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he adds he wouldn’t like to become a politician.

A dictator, however....

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He didn't hear about the road to hell?

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Before try a dictatorship, why we dont try a ''real democracy''? I am talking about a true ''two party system and a president'', not the ''constitutional monarchy with a dominant-party system''. That is what I call political progress.

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It's a scientific fact that japanese dna predisposes them to want to follow. That way all responsibility can be avoided. I'm quite sure mina montas views are shared by many.

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BDFL (Benevolent Dictator for Life)?


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Maybe what Japan needs right now is a dictator

And this is why exactly?

a dictator with good intentions.

History has so many examples to offer...

If you spend your time discussing issues, then for example the abductions issue will remain unsolved.

NK is run by a dictator, clever guy. Why then doesn't it solve the problem quickly?

Certain things can only be achieved by a dictator.

Yeah, right. But by the very nature, it must be exactly the ones which people do not want.

He can act decisively within a limited period of time.

Maybe, but then as a result, where do countries run by dictators rank in the list of advanced countries?

Being TV presenter and being intelligent are obviously mutually exclusive.

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I always suspected Mino Monta as being a closet fascist. Now we have evidence. OK, so who votes Mino Monta as the first dictator of Japan?

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Vile comments from an equally vile little man.

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Am I crazy or is he a Japanese Bob Monkhouse? (for all the Brits). That perma-tan and oozing slime is just so reminiscent.....

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Kirakira25: I have seen a picture of this idiot, and he does look like Bob Monkhouse granted, but Monkhouse aint gonna come out with rubbish like this like.

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This will show us how ignorant will be people involved in show bussines, there is not a dictator with good intentions since JULIUS CAESAR, and finally he was murdered because some of his friends found he was a Tyrant. But, for sure this is Japan and no matter the constitution (and i'm sure less of 0.5% of the japanese had read it), Japan is a country were people inside they hard like to receive orders and like to be said what can or can't do, thats why we have the black van pals. Actually as foreignes i can't say my opinion about what is better or not for japanese people finally if they want to have a tyrant like the venezuelan gorilla HUGO CHAVEZ, they have the righ to do it, only let us now before to take our money and leave the country, because after the dictator gets the power, ussually he takes the foreing companies and the foreign people's money.

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Now if i can say something, about goverment, not japanese goverment of course is, the democracy is the perfect way to lead a country, where everybody can choose and be choosed, where no matter how much money, race, economic or social level you have, you can be a good leader if you have enough education and good values. Probably i guess this man said that absurd, because he, as many japanese dont feel they have a real democracy, where they dont feel representent, and their leaders are not identified with the people, because they live in another social and economic reality, a democracy where political and social elites have the power, is not a real democracy, would be like an aristocratic republic, where the common and middle class men would never be a mayor or a congress man, and i'm afraid this is exactly what Japan is now.

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reaching a consensus in which the needs of as many parties as possible are balanced is terribly time consuming, isn't it? ...

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Not sure if anyone's noticed this yet, but this Monta dude is ripping off Annakin's speech to Padme in Attack of the Clones. When you rip off freaking GEORGE LUCAS, you know you're in trouble!

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