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My grandson went to work for Honda Aircraft. I would never buy a Japanese car, but I've got to change my mind a little bit now that he works for a Japanese company.


Donald Taylor, 89, a former U.S. B-24 bomber pilot. In 1944, his aircraft was shot down by a Japanese plane. He says he is still upset toward Japan. (Jiji)

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Yeah, time to get over it grampy. My uncle survived the Bataan Death March, and another was on Midway. Neither of them have a problem with my Japanese wife.

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Hatred only diminishes and hurts the hater, not the hated.

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Why is this guy so bitter? For the jiji article:

Donald Taylor, 89, a former B-24 bomber pilot. In 1944, his aircraft was shot down by a Japanese warplane and landed on Soviet territory. Taylor and his crew then escaped through Afghanistan into Iran, where they were finally picked up by U.S. forces.

It's not like he was mistreated by them or anything.

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Cmon, he was in a big fight with them a long time ago when it was another world, he was a soldier, he saw stuff and had friends die. He's gonna harbor feelings about it, whether you folks think it's too long ago or not.

Anyway, he said he's changing his thinking. Good he got to do this before he died.

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