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My parents press me to marry and until recently I've been seriously considering that, but I thought I don't want to end up like many of my friends who despite being gay got married and have kids and w


Sota Aoki, a 24-year-old gay man from Sapporo. Traditional family ties still play an important role in Japan and many homosexuals find themselves under pressure to marry to fulfill their parents' expectations. (Reuters)

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But, the resident Japanophiles tell us that Japan is very open with these matters etc. How can this be contradicting the wise ones.

Homosexuality is ok mostly in public, but not accepted within most families. So many closet queens in Japan, bit like Britain in the 50s and 60s before it was accepted by most in society and there was not such a stigma except in some working class families.

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Lie to who? The only person that really should know the truth is the wife, and I think plenty of women would be fine being married to a gay guy so long as he is a dedicate husband and father, which is more important to most women than being a dedicated sex partner.

Marriage is a partnership. Its chief function is to raise children, but its not the only function and rule about what functions it must contain.

Just don't start a relationship with a woman by announcing that you are gay. Just make sure you tell her before you propose.

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Why the hell would you want to marry someone if you are not attracted to them sexually? The guy is gay, he doesn't want to marry a woman. No one should have to live a lie. I have a gay friend here who has done the same thing - married a woman to get his father off of his back, but it doesn't really do the trick as the next question is when are you having kids? I feel bad for him that he feels that he cannot express who he really is.

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