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Nicholson's colonialist mentality was on full display. It was unbelievable.


Okinawa Vice Gov Mitsuo Ageta, after meeting Lt Gen Lawrence D Nicholson, the top U.S. military officer in Okinawa, to lodge a formal complaint about a U.S. military aircraft that crash-landed off the Okinawan shoreline. He said Nicholson told him that Japan should be thankful the incident did not hurt any Okinawan homes or people. (Mainichi Shimbun)

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Well, that's going to really help US-Okinawa relations!


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According to The Mainichi online newspaper, Nicholson later held a press conference offering an apology to the people of Okinawa.There is definitely a degree of arrogance among some Military people on Okinawa and they feel it is beneath them to have to talk to the local Govt. and prefer to deal only with the National Govt. because they will just say yes and go along with whatever the U.S. says. At one time the U.S. Military use to tell the Okinawans that they should be happy that they saved them from the Mainland Japanese but since the GOJ started spending all of that money on them, they don`t say that anymore.

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The US Military has long considered itself to be above Okinawa, so what should you expect.

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How many colonies has the US created, compared to how many by Japan?

Which has a history of suffering as a colony (or colonies)?

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Trump will bring the boys home and then the Okinawan people can enjoy the peace and quiet and low crime rates and lack of military protection and all.

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The vice gov is right. Nicholson should have apologized and leave it at that. His comment was thoughtless and stupid to say the least

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@ Travelin Sales

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_U.S._colonial_possessions https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Japanese_colonial_empire

US suffered under UK, JPN/Okinawa still suffers under US.

The "abusive husband"-esque comments by americans ("you wouldn't last a day in the world without me protecting you from it") are really telling of US-JPN relations.

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Its past time the Americans started talking down to these race-baiters like they should be. A totally thankless job like theirs in Okinawa is only appreciated when the possibility of them leaving is raised.

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All bases out of Okinawa immediately.

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