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No other advanced country makes people live like packed sardines in evacuation shelters. It shocks people from overseas.


Yosuke Takada, researcher at the Disaster Reduction and Human Renovation Institution in Kobe, saying evacuation shelters used after disasters in Japan are in dire need of improvement. (Yomiuri Shimbun)

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Yes, we need to follow the excellent example of the Louisiana Superdome after Hurricane Katrina.

But seriously, what is he asking for? Permanent structures with room for everyone waiting for that disaster that most likely will never come?

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From living in the infamous rabbit hutches to living like packed sardines...face it, there is not so much usable space here. But even where there is, architects and builders design and construct the same small houses and apartments that make up so much of Tokyo, Osaka and other crowded cities.

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The shelters I googled looked pretty nice from the outside.

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"Yes, we need to follow the excellent example of the Louisiana Superdome after Hurricane Katrina."

Actually, a good idea. Those evacuees didn't live there, spending only a few days. In Tohoku, however, the victims are long bogged down, and the misery continues years afterward.

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There are empty house, apartments and other facilities all over Japan. In a disaster Nature is saying to you to change and get out. Take the opportunity to move away.

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@Reckless, that's a BIG call for a Japanese person, they --especially in the countryside-- have a much deeper connection to 'their' land than you or I will ever have. There's the ancestral graves nearby to be cared for and that's where they wish to end up to, with the long dead rellies. It really isn't in anyway as simple as you'd like to think. It's a Japanese thing.

Why's everyone get uppity about how shelters for refugees should be built? Why wouldn't you want a refugee to be comfortable, warm and in safe housing? I don't get it.

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@Reckless, seeing as Japan is essentially one big natural disaster somewhere at any one time, volcanoes, tsunami, earthquakes, typhoons, tornadoes, etc, etc.... where do YOU suggest they go? Formosa?

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You forget the decrepit nuclear reactors sitting on fault lines.. Z

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@UK9393,Do they actually get tornadoes in japan?Now as far as the Fukushima disaster they should be taking the necessary measures to help the tragedy that has struck the Japanese people.

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@3dgcb: yOu have humanities most accessible portal to information at YOUR fingertips and you are asking me,

Do they actually get tornadoes in japan?


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