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Non-regular employees are more susceptible to the effects of the pandemic, such as restrictions on business hours, and that may have put a strain on their physical and mental health.


An official of the Health, Labor and Welfare Ministry. There were 1,698 cases of suicide among working women in 2020, an increase of about 30% from the average for the previous five years, according to a government white paper on suicide prevention measures.

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This situation has been debated for at least two decades. White papers, suicide prevention measures... They just discuss it and nothing is done about it. Apart from various leaflets, etc. Just talk. Obviously, the suicide prevention measures are failing for some reason..

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Isn't this the design of employment | business in Japan? Allow Temporary Agencies to hire people to work in a category that restricts them from having proper employment while they are paid less and in danger of things like illness and other dangers that full time permanent staff do not face on a day to day basis?

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Hi I'm Capatain Obvious. Allow me to state ... the obvious.

Solutions? We need no solutions we state what is obvious.

Welcome to the LDP run archipelago.

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Yes, it’s obvious. If you volunteer or are forced and then take seat in that galley, you most probably don’t own it, don’t navigate it, don’t give the drum beats, but only row and row until early death.

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From our observations on reading comments here, it appears regular employees are subject to even more grossly intense working conditions than part time workers. Part timers can go home. You others are slaves to your old men hardheaded bosses.

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All workers, part-time, full-time, freelance and whatnot as subject to terrible work conditions in Japan. Companies are regularly ignoring labor laws, exploiting their workers by forcing execessive OT, and still clinging on to decades old work systems that have no place in the modern world. However, I'd say that while there is less job security for part-timers, at least they're not continuously choked by a leash shorter than a baby's arm like full-timers are here.

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