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Northern European nations have high consumption tax, but as they also provide high levels of social welfare, most people accept the burden. Japan has given preferential treatments to the strong by lowering the maximum rate of income tax and corporate tax, and it has raised the consumption tax to make up for the loss.


Lawyer Tadashi Inomata of Tax Justice, a civic group calling for a fair tax system, criticizing the intent of Japan's consumption tax hike.

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I think most people here pretty much agree with this assessment. But what I'd like to see is more of these guys get on national TV and say it. The in-depth critical news shows have all but disappeared after Abe passed the information control act back in 2016.

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I don’t think things are as simple as picking something that is supposedly working in one context and pretending that it would work in a completely different context.

I see that corporation tax rate in Sweden is 22%. And in Japan?

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Well said Mr. Inomata!

Abe and his crew are not worried about Mr. & Mrs Suzuki.

They take care of their (industry, party and other) buddies.

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Yes, he's bang on.

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I don't know. If you have high corporate taxation then they will consider moving out of that nation to a lower tax nations like GAFA. Japan had also provided free pre-schooling and high school tuition support as well.

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Exactly, Triring. The world hasn't figured out how to stop that when no government wants to turn down the chance of attracting tax paying corporations to its jurisdiction. And Sweden's corporate rate is much lower than Japan's already, which doesn't fit the narrative here.

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In Japan, we pay our own money for our health insurance, and it's expensive and doesn't give full coverage. We also have to pay cash for our basic pension. Japan is the worst of both worlds: high taxes AND social security that requires high out of pocket expenses.

Well, the priority is that corporations get their tax break so they continue to rake in record profits for share buybacks and hoarding. Softbank recently turned in the highest quarterly profit in Japanese history, and paid zero Japanese income tax last year. That's how the neo-liberal free marketeers want it. Time to scrap "reform" and return to sanity.


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Thank you for that.

i didn't know about SoftBank avoiding tax.

It is scandalous.

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Yes, he's bang on.


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