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Now the world has changed. Nobody is sure who is good or who is evil. The whole world is becoming borderless and unstable. The manga world's ambiguity has become realistic.


Manga creator Shin Kibayashi, commenting on the growing appeal of Japanese manga (Christian Science Monitor)

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The reason we do not know who's good or evil, or know good from evil for that matter is because "the evil" (i.e., sociopaths) are so securely in power that they can redefine it to suit their purposes. Read "Political Ponerology" by Andrzej Lobaczewski, a psychological analyst who survived similar times in Eastern Europe. He escaped to America but his book was suppressed by Zbigniew Brzezinski for many years (to give you an idea of who's in charge now). Modern society's lack of knowledge of sociopathy is advantageous to these people, who lack consciences and go on committing crimes until they are caught. Lobaczewski identified what he called a "hysteroidal cycle" which has occurred throughout history, in which good economic times lead to a lack of caution; unraveling of morals; the rise of an amoral group with psychology vastly different from normal (sociopaths); followed by unraveling of the economic basis of the society, with hysteria, scapegoating, etc.; then collapse; and finally reestablishment of normal moral rules of conduct, after which prosperity can grow again. His work has given me hope that a careful study of history and analysis of present trends, especially with the use of everyday observations of people's behavior along with clinical testing to exclude people with no conscience from positions of power, can give us the power to end this cruel cycle. I urge all concerned to read http://www.opednews.com/articles/3/opedne_clinton__080508_beware_the_psychopat.htm just as a start in an important body of knowledge that could help spare millions from misery.

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Patto needs some relax time. Go back home Charisma man!!!

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