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Obama has threatened Japan and forced us into joining the TPP.


Takaaki Tabuchi, a financial consultant who views the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade pact as an American scheme to usurp Japan's sovereignty. (AP)

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That is one hell of a conspiracy theory but utter nonsense and a complete lie.

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Yes. When Japanese saunter over to the store, and decide between American rice (500 yen for 10 kg) or Japanese rice for (2000 yen for 10kg) and choose American rice, it's OBAMA's fault.

Japanese people can't think for themselves and are so easily manipulated, don'tcha know? They need kind people like Takaaki Tabuchi to think for them. Not those evil foreigners.

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Some uyoku financial consultant`s whining...and this is news because...?

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Ah, how cute. Japan STILL playing the victim card, now for TPP.

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tmarie, do you know what TPP is? I bet you do not, because no one knows it.

It is agreed by the negotiators that no details of TPP should be disclosed to the public. Everything is determined behind closed doors by bureaucrats. Only after the negotiation is finished and treaty is signed, the treaty is disclosed to the public. It is too late. Any country may walk away from the treaty by not ratifying. But I think it is practically impossible. I hear one of the major sections of TPP is social health insurance. I really hate it determined by bureaucrats of other countries beyond our reach.

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Takaaki Tabuchi should look at TSE Topix/Nikkei and Yen's current value...makes him smile, right ?

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Ch3, do you know what forced means?

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