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One problem was that hematology patients were kept in the same ward as patients being treated for other illnesses. The arrangement likely caused an increase in infections among hematology patients who required special care, leading to a large number of fatalities.


Yuji Yuasa, the director of the Eiju General Hospital in Taito Ward, speaking at a news conference on July 1, the first time he has spoken in public about the rash of infections at his institution that led to 43 coronavirus-related fatalities.

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What could go wrong if you keep patients with severely diminished immunity together with people that may be infected with a virus extremely easy to transmit?

This is a very serious thing, that could lead to malpractice charges. People taking care of vulnerable patients have an increased responsibility to protect them from any foreseeable risk.

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As if this cas happened only once....

Imagine Japan with its care homes, and all places where old people gather.

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Yuji Yuasa, the director of the Eiju General Hospital is now going to be charged with negligence endangering human life, or malpractice, or carelessness of those in his care or ?

The people who are responsible of taking care and administering health care need to be held accountable when they screw up.

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Those running the hospital should be charged with manslaughter if they knowingly put Covid patients in with others.

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