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One terrible characteristic of Japanese society is that we treat our elderly like they're lifeless animals.


Social commentator Tomoko Inukai. As more elderly are living alone, many die alone and their bodies sometimes undiscovered for days, so local authorities are teaming up with groups such as the post office to check in on senior citizens, increasing their human contact. (Reuters)

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Good Idea

Since housewives and unemployed people need a job. Make a new occupation in Japan.

Senior Citizen Counselors

Make them walk around and visit houses, apartments, mansions and bamboo huts talking to Japanese senior citizens.

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Senior Citizen Counselors will get paid 4000 yen hourly wage

Or 5000 yen a head !!!! make it competitive

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Reckless: Agreed with your comments up until "if they choose to isolate themselves..."

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Why not do it as a sort of civil service for people still in their education? It could be easily paid as well as common baito, it would bring completely different generations together and it would improve the chances that the normal Japanese company worker comes up with a little bit of life experience of his own.

it would bring more people into the healthcare and eladerly care jobs, because they already have experience with that. It would reduce the remainder of Japan's unhealthy bubble economy culture. And it is one of the best things to teach young people personal responsibility, a particular weak point of the Japanese education system.

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It certainly isn't just the elderly who are treated like lifeless animals.

If my Japanese language skills were up to par I would certainly volunteer. I'm sure many of them would have some interesting stories to tell.

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