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Our aim is to ensure that people line up in an orderly fashion on both sides of the moving stairway.


A Nagoya city government official. Next year, the city is set to become the first major urban area to pass an ordinance that bans walking or running on escalators at train stations and retail establishments, a move aimed at preventing mishaps.

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Our aim is to ensure that people line up in an orderly fashion in their lives.

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Retail establishments are not really a problem, but train stations? if someone have to take 3 trains on their daily commute and the schedules are made so they would lose their best option if they don't hurry at every change this can mean an extra 20 to 30 minutes of lost time.

Without a complete schedule rewriting (which is not going to happen) people will then choose to run on the stairs (or ignore the ordinances), that is not likely going to prevent mishaps.

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Another silly bit of overkill, Japan-style.

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Stairs it is. I could do with the exercise.

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Yeah but we are talking Nagoya. Nobody follows any rules there. It is a free for all.

-4 ( +4 / -8 )

Treated like children with no decision making skills of our own. Welcome to Japan.

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Most escalators I've been on in Japan seem to have an established culture of standing on one side and walking on the other. Those who are not in a rush pick the standing side. Those who are, choose the other. It seems to work very well and escalator users seem to be happy with it. I guess there will be a lot of people in court soon.

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Welcome to the nanny state.

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It's bad enough that Japan has some of the slowest escalators in the world.

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I always walk on the escalators. Aren’t we supposed to be encouraging the public to take more exercise? One of the most irritating things are idiots who stand on the walking side of the escalator, or put their luggage there. Morons.

-2 ( +1 / -3 )

What a stupid rule. Stand on the left, walk on the right..... Or the other way, but at least allow those who are not disabled go about their life in a normal manner. I will not be stopping if the person in front comes to a halt.... Gomennasai....

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I think they should change the title to "our aim is to make sure to instill unquestioning obedience from the people. If they can't think for themselves, they'll be easy to control."

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A law that nobody really wants nor cares about. Energy and money wasted again.

Almost everyone is satisfied with the standing on one side, walking on the other.

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If you pay attention, there’s banners reminding us that we are already not supposed to walk or run on escalators in Tokyo too. Same as people over 13 are not supposed to use their bicycles on the sidewalks. By law. Truth is, Japanese only abide by the rules they want to, and do as they please for the rest. As long as everyone follows, it becomes an unwritten rule and no law can beat the natural instinct of the herd.

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How much you want to bet the first person "caught" breaking the ordinance will be one of the people who started it, which him making the excuse, "If I didn't run, I would have missed my train! There were no mishaps because I was careful!"

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Wait....if they 'catch you' and detain you causing you to be late, are they not then obstructing your business?

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What is it with people insisting on walking or running on narrow escalators, especially when the stairs are literally running right along the escalators, are wide and there is ample room to run, if one is in a hurry? No, I do not appreciate to be squeezed in a place meant for people who are tired, may have a handicap, etc. and therefore prefer "the easy way" by "morons" whose wish to go faster than the escalator can do so perfectly fine on the stairs right besides it. Good for Nagoya city !

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Won't be enforced. I see people standing on no smoking signs and throwing butts on the ground literally every day but I've never seen a cop do anything. This has that same feel.

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People who also stand still on moving walkways at airports, blocking the path with luggage, are also morons, completely oblivious to others. Selfish.

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Local ordinance, not a law. Like no smoking.

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