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Parents and teachers should teach children wise ways to use social media, by giving them advice such as, 'Don't meet in real life people you've met online,' and 'Don't reveal personal information online.'


University of Hyogo associate professor Kazuo Takeuchi, who is an expert in guidance counseling. The number of children under the age of 18 being enticed away from their homes by adults they met via social networking services (SNS) has risen over twenty-onefold compared to six years ago according to the National Police Agency (NPA), with many experts calling on SNS users to practice caution.

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These days I almost feel like children should be giving advice to parents and teachers and especially elderly people.

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Exactly, the technology has advanced so quickly that most kids are way ahead of their parents by the time they're about 12. This is a whole new landscape that we all are trying to deal with, unprecedented and fast moving! Maintaining certain rules with your kids will be key. No devises at the dinner table etc, its now more important than ever to have some serious and ongoing conversations.

Lose touch and they slip away, then they're gone.

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Research in the US showed that depression and suicide has risen dramatically among junior high school students since social media became prevalent. This is not nearly as pronounced among high school and university students, so they think it is because younger teens' brains are not mature enough to handle the effects of social media. Mechanisms designed to addict adults (such as "likes") have a supercharged effect and they don't have enough perspective to filter the comments they receive. Then you factor in things like cyber bullying and the stranger danger referred to by the professor in the comment.

As a result, I'll be trying to keep my daughters off social media sites until they are at least high schoolers. Looking forward to that fight...

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Because “Don’t do this!” and “Don’t do that!” have been such effective tools in child-rearing?

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