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Parents who are normally concerned should have the filtering service set up in their children's cell phones. Those who decline the service either have no interest in their offspring or do whatever the


Daisuke Fujikawa, professor of education methods at Chiba University, referring to a low awareness on the part of parents about filtering services that block "harmful" cell phone sites. (Asahi Shimbun)

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Parents should raise responsible children and not give cell phones TO said small children. What does an 8 year old need to do with a cell phone? Or, barring that, get the child-specific phones which let you only call home and/or Grandma-Grandpa. No internet allowed. There are a myriad of choices, besides a filtering program, and this 'expert' is making a blanket statement about parenting that is quite unfounded.

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Guess most children know more about circumventing filter "services" than their parents know about having them set up. And as filter services only give a sense of safety they are not complete and not secure; education is the key.

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