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Pay phones can be used during blackouts because they use power supplied by phone lines. In addition, it is easier to make calls from pay phones than from other phones when network traffic is heavy jus


An official of the Information and Communications Council, which advises the communications minister. The Japanese government will ask Nippon Telegraph & Telephone Corp to make it easier to use pay phones in case of natural disasters. (Jiji Press)

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um, if the lines are down or torn in half during seismic movement, don't you think the phone lines would have the same problem?

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Pay phones are thing of the past. Most people have cell phones, and even with the blackout, you can charge your phones with your car or neighbors car.

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another "smart" comment

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Very true comment. Unfortunately there are how many..... 7 pay phones now in Tokyo?

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I shake my head every time I see pay phones getting ripped out. No sense in tearing out perfectly good infrastructure that is still usable. Sure, cell phones are great until they get destroyed in a car accident, lost, dropped in the toilet or whatever. You could easily find yourself in the middle of nowhere remembering the good old days when pay phones were easy to find.

Also, the services could be expanded to provide cell phone charging for a small fee at each booth.

Also, some places your cell phone is out of range.

All in all, I prefer to have options rather than put all my eggs in one basket.

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