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People are delaying seeing doctors or taking coronavirus tests because they have incorrectly assumed their symptoms, such as a runny nose, were caused by hay fever.


Fukushima Prefecture Gov Masao Uchibori. With hay fever season fully under way, more people are mistaking their COVID-19 symptoms for pollen allergies and not getting tested for the coronavirus, which has contributed to a cluster infection in Fukushima Prefecture.

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Is this governor a doctor, or another doomsday paradist?

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As a hay fever sufferer, this seems very plausible to me. The first year I came down with it, I genuinely thought I just had a heavy cold, wasn't until the second year that I realized.

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doomsday paradist?

What’s a ‘paradist?’

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May be this is a case for more extensive or even universal testing?

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A paradist is someone suffering from covfefe. lol

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Odd headline, since a runny nose is almost never a symptom of Covid-19. "A runny nose is not a reason to get tested for coronavirus, says NHS "

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