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People like me have tried to write something, put something out there - the questions, the sovereignty and the tyranny of the United States. But we feel sometimes very weak and helpless, with no chanc


U.S. film director Oliver Stone, 66, who said he often feels helpless because his skepticism about America's history has fallen on deaf ears among the mainstream U.S. media. (Asahi Shimbun)

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And yet, the writing and information is there if you look hard. People like Noam Chomsky, John Pilger, Howard Zinn, Robert Fisk and many others have long the tyranny of the United States. Mr Stone is not alone by any stretch of the imagination.

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If he released a hard hitting movie about current US actions, e.g. collateral civilian deaths from drone strikes, he may get more reaction than from dramatic portrayals of historic events. However, I think most American's would still believe that the US fights the good causes of freedom and democracy and in doing so, has to sometimes make difficult decisions for the greater good. Like Jack Nicholson's character in A Few Good Men said, "You can't handle the truth!" (That to protect freedom & democracy and keep a nation safe often requires the nation to do things that Joe Public would rather not think/know about).

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When Americans venture abroad the natives despair...

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If you weren't a liar, Oliver, then maybe your endeavors into historical revisionism would be a tad more successful. Non-gullible people know that you concocted the most compelling historical "facts" in "JFK" , such as the bit about the newspaper in New Zealand reporting on the assassination before it occurred. ROTFL.

Just try telling the truth for once, and see what happens. Ah, but then your ridiculous "theories" wouldn't have a leg to stand on.

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Anyone thinking that assassination of JFK was a job of a lone gunman got to get his head examined or better yet get his head out of the sand.

US of A has too many bones in her locker to ever reveal to the public.

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