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People should be extremely careful about discussing a social issue in the context of evolution as the theory of evolution has a history of being used for improper purposes, such as in eugenics and other disciplines,. This time, the theory was irresponsibly applied to the proposal for constitutional revision, which has nothing to do with evolution. It is deeply concerning.


Osamu Sakura, professor of evolutionary biology and science communication at the University of Tokyo. Academics have criticized the ruling Liberal Democratic Party for using a cartoon on Charles Darwin's theory of evolution to justify the need to amend the Constitution.

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Agreed. The term is often misused - it can sometimes be an appropriate analogy outside of biology, but most often used incorrectly.

And there are even people alive today who do not accept biological evolution.

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Politicians showing their ignorance? Say it ain't so!

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Sakura seems confused between evolutionary theory and eugenics. The former doesn't necessarily address genes or genetic differences among species. Rather it pays attention to sociocultural impacts or MEME on human evolution. Culture or cultural ideas or norms can be transmitted and adaptive faster and more flexibly through generations.

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I don't know what happened this time, but the main misconception with Darwin's theory of evolution is that "fittest" means "strongest". It does not. It means the most fit, i.e., the best suited, the most adaptable, etc.

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I don't know what happened this time, but the main misconception with Darwin's theory of evolution is that "fittest" means "strongest". 

Very true, and people sometimes use this to justify behaviour veering on eugenics.

Although evolution does not only occur through survival of the fittest but through genetic drift as well. There number of mixed race children being born today is a good example of that.

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Apparently the cartoon included these two statements:

1. Individuals that survive aren’t always the strongest or smartest.

2. They are those that can change,

The first fits with kohakuebisu's point. It's the second one that caused the controversy.

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With China arming themselves to the teeth and their advancement on the South China Sea, Japan can no longer stay as "self defender", times have changed, so the country must also change.

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China rising and being aggressive.

North Korea developed Nukes, aggressive, threaten Japan with Nuclear destruction.

Russia illegally took islands from Japan, took Crimea back by force, aggressive all around Throught history.

South Korea is the most Anti-Japan country in the world. Went back on multiple aggrements. Was aggressive towards SDF planes in Japan Sea.

... But our enemies and Anti-Japan crowd wants Japan to be naked. Have to call Washington and pray they will help. When our citizens get their heads cut off by ISIS America did nothing 0.

Article 9 Forced on Japan by America only benefits our Enemies.

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Using cartoons again? Eyes rolling.

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