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People view skipping lunch or breakfast as a feasible choice as long as their health is not affected.


Masahiko Ariji, professor of food economics at Kindai University. He was commenting on the results of a survey that showed 30% of workers skip lunch a few times a week to try and save money on living expenses.

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In the short term this may be true; the long term effects however may not be so benign. Also failure to eat will impact on their capacity to work and their productivity.

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I never eat breakfast and feel better for it. Maybe yoghurt or something at most

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Seem conflicted? Nutritionists agree energy intake from breakfast has a beneficial effect on immediate recall in short-term memory.

“*I never eat breakfast and feel better for it. … Maybe yoghurt …. or something, at most.*” -
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I never skip breakfast but sometimes lunch. I would have low blood sugar and dizziness without something for breakfast.

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Well if you prioritoze economics, not eating anything would be optimal. But if you want to maintain your health, eating breakfast has long been pointed out by nutritionists as being critical.

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The quotation deals with skipping lunch, not breakfast, and there is no reason why it cannot be done if a good breakfast is eaten, and dinner doesn't follow too incredibly late.

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Eating three meals a day is a relatively new thing, and not consistent across all cultures. The quality of the meal and quantity of nutrients are far more important than the schedule by which they are taken.

If you have a decent, nutritious meal for breakfast, for example, there's nothing wrong with skipping or delaying lunch. In fact it's arguably better for you than eating a pot noodle and some convenience store fried chicken just because it happens to be lunch time.

If meals were absolutely meant to be taken at certain intervals, then surely a midnight (or thereabouts) meal would also be recommended.

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I usually opt for brunch, it saves washing up twice.

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Many Health professionals fast all the time, many are on OMAD One Meal A Day, Look it up, I do it at 62 and feel great and workout at the gym and weights. Your body is not programed for three meals a day and this goes back thousands of years. After 16 hours of fasting you body starts to produce more growth hormone.

Look it up Dr Jason fung and fasting

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Well, when I’m dead one day, I’ll be forced to skip everything anyway and that for a quite a very long time… So why should I already skip now anything? But you, please feel free to skip all the good things already now, that’s not forbidden, of course not. lol

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I usually don't eat breakfast as I never did as a kid. I eat lunch and need a big dinner to keep my insomnia in check.

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the problem we have to address is the reason for the skipping of meals.

 He was commenting on the results of a survey that showed 30% of workers skip lunch a few times a week to try and save money on living expenses.

If people are skipping meals for health or lifestyle reasons that's one thing. What is going on here is that they are skipping meals for reasons of poverty, which is unacceptable in Japan, where the politicians dine on our dime while their constituents who vote them in have to skip meals to make ends meet. That's the conversation we should be having.

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I haven't had breakfast in like 15 years, unless you count a cup of black coffee.

Lunch is free at my office, so I tend to only eat that.

Dinner I probably eat 2-3 times a week since going out with friends isn't really feasible these days anymore.

Not doing it explicitly to save money, mostly I just am not active enough to need that many calories. The savings are a nice plus though.

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