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People want a simple answer: Is it safe or is it dangerous? But given the state of radiation science, there is no such thing as a simple answer.


Kuniko Tanioka, a member of the Diet's upper house, referring to the growing outcry in Fukushima over what local residents say is a blatant government failure to protect their children from dangerous levels of radiation. (New York Times)

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There is also no answer as "slightly safe" or "slightly dangerous". If there is risk, one should not be taking any chances.

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There is no simple asnwer.

So far there have been 3 major incidents and the 3rd one is still unfolding.

Reality simple don't work out as the computer models would like us to think. So all we got is computer model predictions which tend to be faulty as we have not got enough real-life data to make them more accurate.

In short you only get simple answers to simple questions/problems.

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no simple answer because the goverment and TEPCO make it way too complicate by not telling all truth or sometime simply just lie.

you don't need to say a simple answer, you just have to tell the truth as soon as you know it and tell it all, so people can process it and take their own proper step if they will stay or leave.

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True, there is no simple answer. But over the decades, there have evolved certain standards as to what should practically be considered dangerous. When politicians, who have no scientific knowledge, dodge these standards opportunistically it creates unrest and mistrust.

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It is simple to evaluate-just look at the effects of the Russian nuclear disaster ( a similar event) for the consequences of radioactive fallout.

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