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Platformers are sucking up user data, and analyzing and processing it in various ways we don't know about to turn it into products. Every move we make can be tracked 24/7 and the data analyzed. Eventually, our emotions and desires will be controlled based on this data, and our behavior changed.


Kohei Saito, 34, an associate professor at Osaka City University and author of the best-selling book "Capital in the Anthropocene." He says increased internet usage due to the pandemic has led to people growing more dependent on giant information technology firms referred to as "platformers" in Japan.

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I think this is incorrect and unnecessary scaremongering.

Big data, like AI, vehicular autonomy and blockchain have all been wildly oversold.

We've had decades of GAFA scraping our data to better direct advertising at us, a service for which they charge. And yet the result is really quite poor. You would do better spending the money on a traditional, innovative and creative advertising campaign.

'AI' is not an artificial version of human intelligence. It's a bundle of algorithms. And it is still really quite bad at contextualisation. Computers are at their best when they behave logically, but the things that power human ability go beyond the logical. When this is attempted using machine learning, it doesn't always go so well. Even if the algorithms are well done, more closely matching human responses, they will copy human prejudices and be condemned.

Autonomy in vehicles may only ever be rudimentary, and blockchain is just a variant databasing system.

When tech does work well (such as the early years of Google Search, AV distribution, VPNs and distributed systems) it is likely to be banned, restricted or censored.

So don't fall for the spiel. Tech is not something to be scared of. And don't blame tech if it is used in a socially toxic way. That is the fault of those that are using it in that way. Nobody ever shut down the postal service because someone sent a poison pen letter, or banned cars because or RTAs. So why condemn tech simply because some use it unethically.

The level of manipulation possible with the internet is pretty much the same as it always was before the internet. Adverts may persuade us to try a new product, or not. Manipulated news/propaganda may reinforced our prejudices or be laughed at and dismissed. Liars will lie and gullible people will believe them.

The internet and GAFA are not game changers here. More of a concern is the increase in manipulation of news and in the restrictions placed on what we can and cannot do, offline and online. That has nothing to do with the internet, and everything to do with governments 'taking back control' from their own citizens. It is a political shift, not a technological one. That, we should all worry about, as it is progressively transforming Orwell's dystopia into reality.

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It's not tech, it's people.

Google corporate motto used to be "Don't be Evil.". They dropped it because they turned evil.

Type something into Chrome and watch the ads and references start within seconds.

Amazon customers have only a few days left to opt out of their new wireless tracking algorithms.

People are evil, not technology.

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Google corporate motto used to be "Don't be Evil.". They dropped it because they turned evil.

I'd say they dropped it because while it was a nice idea in a small company to motivate a smaller group through positive feelings, in a company with thousands and thousands of employees the motto becomes meaningless - everyone has their own definition of what is 'evil'. Leaving that clause as a company motto would likely lead to lawsuits from employees who decide they consider some particular action to be an evil.

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The Matrix has you...

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Don’t worry too much. That technology is still so stupid and very obvious , therefore easy to realize and avoid or trick. Something to laugh about… For example, putting something in the virtual cart, but buying anywhere else. You get reminders and everyday new pictures of what you already have at home. That’s really crazy. The same for reading one news about a topic that usually doesn’t interest you. You’ll be bombed with news about that for half a year. Now the trick… Read or search for something that really pleases you, nature, nice women, race cars , cute pets, landscapes, art or such. Then the horror is over immediately and you are pampered with pleasures on every website you call. lol

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I disagree, while sure its people putting the tech to use the TECH is still vacuuming our data & tracking our every moves.

Clearly tech IS messing with peoples minds, feel sorry for young people it is screwing them up in so so many ways & that will only increase & bring all the old & new stresses with it. Tech has seriously messed up how men & women interact, pure insanity & getting worse over time.

The tech doesnt have to be good or accurate to cause problems & issues for society, just sayin!

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