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Please give me one more chance. I want to get the judgment of the Japanese public in the Upper House election.


Osaka Mayor Toru Hashimoto, co-leader of Nippon Ishin No Kai (Japan Restoration Party), expressing his intention to stay on despite his party's rout in the Tokyo assembly election. (Jiji Press)

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Please give me one more chance.

Well, OK, you did say please. Your so polite.

But, if we don't give you one more chance, will you say "I quit", Flip and come back?

Fingers uncrossed.

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Never thought I'd hear the word "please" from Hashimoto.

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Lets see.

One more chance to make a fool of himself? One more chance to prove that he is a right wing fascist? One more chance to prove that he enjoys violating worker privacy? One more chance to prove that he is anti-women? One more chance to prove that he has no grasp of Japan's history? One more chance to alienate or enrage Asian neighbors? One more chance to lie to the public through lie filled apologies? One more chance to prove that almost anyone can be a governor here, regardless of intelligence?

Or just 9. One more chance to get in the limelight?

This guy should have been tossed out on his right wing behind weeks ago. Shame on Voters for not demanding that.

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TK, well put!

Indeed the fact that this incompetent moron(sorry for complementing the guy) hasn't departed is a major blight on ALL of Japan, I mean just how many times does one have to spout outrageous lies, daft opinions & still NOT to forced to resign............

hashimoto is an embarrassment to the ENTIRE planet, do the WORLD a favour, go away please!

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No soup for you!

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Not surprising.

Did anyone really think he was just going to quietly bow out?

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I'd like to give him another chance. Just lovin' the comic relief.

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