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Prime Minister Noda should worry about achieving unity in his own party before asking the opposition to cooperate.


Opposition Liberal Democratic Party (LDP) Secretary-General Nobuteru Ishihara, on why the LDP cannot support the proposed consumption tax hike. (NHK)

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For once I agree with someone from the LDP. I guess pigs can fly and hell has frozen over.

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so how long until LDP is back?

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The LDP will be back tomorrow if they take up Noda's invitation of a coalition to screw the Japanese people. If not, Noda will fall and the DPJ will disintegrate leading to a snap election probably around when the next budget is due in about six months, at which time the LDP will pick up and do what Noda is trying to do anyway.

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the politicians should think about the country before they try and settle their petty differences.

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