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Raising relief funds for China means that Japan will aid the very nation taking hostile action against it. It could send a wrong message to the Chinese authorities.


Keisuke Suzuki, a state minister for foreign affairs. He refused to make a cash donation to a private relief initiative by the ruling party to help China contain the coronavirus outbreak, citing a territorial dispute between the two countries and Beijing’s handling of anti-government protests in Hong Kong.

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what wrong message is that?? That Japan is NOT China's enemy??

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It is wise for Japan to show its support for the people in Wuhan. It will go a long way to improve the relations of the two countries. On a Chinese news site, there was a recent story about a Chinese little girl living in Japan standing on the side of the street to distribute masks to Japanese to show her appreciation for Japan's help. China is or will be Japan's largest market. The friendship of the two countries can be a key factor to make Asia the future center of global economy.

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no, I think he just wants to point out that if you poo on our doorstep, don’t expect us to come running when you find you have no toilet paper.

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OR, it might send the RIGHT message, that despite the nationalist views of some Chinese, not all Japanese are likewise, and people actually care and want to help.

Or you can do as this nationalist says and NOT give aid, and then throw your hands in the air and ask why, oh lord, will China and other nations not help Japan next time (not if, but when) a major disaster like an earthquake, typhoon, tsunami, or all of them occur.

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Meanwhile, Japanese companies are more than happy to build factories in and around the Wuhan industrial zone, exploit the cheap local labor and rake in record-high profits as a result. Hypocrites, much?

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Viral infections are a problem for the whole world. By helping others, we are helping ourselves.

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Japan can support ordinary Chinese people especially medical professionals struggling with the outbreak, but doesn't need to "save the face" of President Xi and CPC leaders. Mishandling and cover-ups at the initial stage are obvious. Xi cannot avoid criticism by diverting blame on local authorities; he has been trying to centralize powers under his grip influencing down on any local and provincial level politics. Xi must take responsibility.

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Keisuke Suzuki, a state minister for foreign affairs, refused to make a cash donation to a private relief initiative by the ruling party to help China contain the coronavirus outbreak...

Another nationalistic grandstander who thinks he's acting 'in the national interest', but is actually part of the problem. Add him to the list of government cronies whose general ignorance should be a national embarrassment.

What is wrong with these people?

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Let's pretend none of the political mishaps are in place, and instead, Japan generously donated resources to the Wuhan infectees. Ok, but guess what?

While Chinese authorities are are more than happy to accept these donations from around the world for the Wuhan infectees, corrupted local authorities will exploit the generosity and rake in record-high stockpiles, which will soon to be resold at above-market values so the local authorities could profit. The actual resources will never reach the infectees.

Nationalism aside, why contribute to corruption and hypocrisy? Why is Keisuke Suzuki a grandstander for speaking the truth? Why is it ok for China to take a crap on Japan, but it is the latter's responsibility to help clean up the former? I thought China is a big and powerful country. I thought China is a rich country. I thought China has standards. Or do they?

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China is nobody's friend, they support North Korea 100%, This is why history is very important, I mean real history, not the wash down version in text books ,

Who aided North Korea when they attacked South Korea, When UN forces were pushing back the North Korea who jumped in with a million soldiers , can you guess? China, ,,,,

Who is building man made island is south sea's?

Who is stealing all the technology and make it their own?

Who bought all masks in Japan and took it back to China for quick profit?

I will just stop here.

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Help the Chinese people but don't give political cover to Xi or the communist party for their incompetence and bungling of the situation.

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when they stop destroying nearly every species of animal on land or sea we might think about helping them. As things stand the planet will be a lot better off without them and their worse than useless medicines.

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