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Reductions and exemptions of school fees, scholarships other grant aid programs need to be expanded.


Masayuki Kobayashi, an education professor at the University of Tokyo, commenting on a survey he and his colleagues conducted of 1,146 universities and junior colleges nationwide. The survey showed one in five university and junior college students dropped out of school in fiscal 2014 due to economic reasons. (Asahi Shimbun)

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Take this with a grain of salt. "Economic conditions" is often used in place of a less appealing excuse, like missing too many classes to graduate with one's peers (which happens commonly), or somehow doing so poorly that one can't graduate (yes, that is possible even in Japan, where you seldom have to show up, or be awake in class and still get a diploma). Rather than face that shame, many students will drop out and blame their choice on a lack of money.

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Should it not be rephrased? I've checked. The survey showed that one in five students who dropped out of school did so for economic reasons.

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With interest rates so low these students should easily get the money and have the ability to repay. -Obviously that is not the case.

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