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Regardless of whether alcohol is consumed, the important thing is to avoid dining in large groups.


Kaori Muto, a professor at the University of Tokyo’s Institute of Medical Science and a member of the government’s subcommittee on pandemic measures. Local governments that are subject to quasi-emergency priority measures designed to prevent the spread of the coronavirus are split over whether to allow eateries to continue serving alcohol.

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None of this is going to make a hoot of a difference as long as the schools remain open and people are commuting in packed trains like sardines.

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Sounds like simple, practical advice that we need reminding of from Prof Muto of Tokyo’s Institute of Medical Science.

To break it down, It's difficult to dine with masks on (a transmission countermeasure), so avoid dining out as a social event. As for commuting and schooling, both can be performed with masks on, which most people seem to do.

It's about time we collectively started listening to experts again IMHO

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The most important thing you can do is to stay away from other people as much as possible.

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When are they going to learn that alcohol is not the problem? Go to ANY major shopping center and take a look at the Starbucks, McD's, or what have you and you'll see people sitting at chairs that say "No seating. Social Distance", blabbering to their friends/family, without masks on in many cases (as they take breaks from eating and drinking). Has nothing to do with alcohol at all.

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When are they going to learn that alcohol is not the problem?

I think by now pretty much everyone knows that alcohol is not the problem. It's talking in close quarters without masks on, with no ventilation.

Go to ANY major shopping center and take a look at the Starbucks, McD's, 

I've been to many places your cited and find people are generally following social distancing as best they can, so such sweeping generalisations don't hold any much water. Also,

Regardless of whether alcohol is consumed

Is what the expert said, so your comment might be in the wrong section.

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Aly Ruston above is right.

A trip to the supermarket today around lunchtime, passing by absolutely jam packed fast food restaurants with lines outside...no alcohol served in those places, constant stream of people and confined quarters inside. It would seem the greater public no longer care.

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You have nailed it along with Aly Ruston.

Went to the supermarket on the way home from cycling and nobody was social distancing.

The Chinese woman behind me was so close that she rammed her cart into me.

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It should also be added that the time an eating establishment closes has no bearing whatsoever either on the spread. Each time it gets close to 8:00 (7:30 actually for last seating/order) there a big rush to get seated before the place has to closes, making the places needlessly crowded.

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Large groups; small groups - makes no difference. People are still packing themselves onto trains like they're trying to play a game of Human Tetris and schools are still open and operating. Restaurants and cafes that don't serve alcohol are full of customers eating side by side or queuing up with no thought to any social distancing. These "quasi" measures are only serving to be background noise - ain't nobody paying attention anymore.

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For crying out loud. Covid has been with us for two years and they still don't get it.

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The point is avoiding people altogether.

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