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Residents feel more responsible for the garbage that they put out, and there is increased awareness among people in terms of reducing the amount of trash.


A Shinagawa Ward official, referring to the Tokyo ward's door-to-door trash collection system, raher than using general collection points.

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the next step is to reduce overwrapping and plastics. Go to the source.

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Pretty impressed with the recycling system in place in the neighborhood, here. The massive wheelie bins they brought in to my borough back in the other country were a bit awkward and stinky.

I do miss the garden composter, mind.

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Too much wrapping and too much plastic. Why wrap fruit when most don't need it?

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Plastics are killing all the oceans and seas and everything living in them. In the Pacific there's an island of floating plastic bigger than the size of Japan. Even life from the very deepest trenches of the oceans all contain fibres and micro pieces of various plastics. The curse of humanity. Even China from this year have stopped importing plastic waste from other countries.

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Ditto on the insane amounts of plastic used in Japan. Does an individual friggin' banana need to be sheathed in plastic when nature has already given it a skin?

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